Saturday, March 20, 2010


The people are making sure DC hears our voices, by taking them right to congress. Grassroots groups and tea party groups from across the nation are representing the people better than those we elected to do the job. All these liberty loving citizens listen to their members and what others are telling them, that their representatives are just not listening. I see the 9/12 rally and this one as the beginnings of more to come from the millions of Americans who are not being heard or have any representation. The time has come and you can no longer wait to get involved in a local grassroots/tea party group in your area. People can not sit and wait for others to do the work of fighting for this constitutional republic as we need all who feel the government has way overstepped its boundaries to do their part. Even if you can only do a little we welcome whatever you can give us. Read the 5,000 year leap, read your constitution, read other history books and remember what sacrifices our founding fathers and patriots made to give us the document to keep us free forever. Join us we need your help to fight for our natural right to be free to make our own personal choices in our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Visit and we will help you get involved.

Always Watchful, Always Faithful,

Sharon T. (Broward county, Florida)